Town Hall Rental

Christiana Town Hall
Building Use Policy
General Rules for the Use of the Town Hall

A. Scheduling will be done by the Town Clerk. (608) 423-3816.
B. The reservation form is attached as a printable pdf.
C. A check for the security deposit of $150.00 and a separate check for the rental fee of $100 should be made payable to the Town of Christiana and must accompany your reservation application.
D. If more than one reservation application is received for the same time period, reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
E. The Town Board may choose to waive rental fees for fundraisers, local non-profit groups, regular meetings of community groups, etc.
F. NO SMOKING is allowed inside the Town Hall.
G. No pets except for service dogs are allowed in or around the Town Hall.
H. The sale of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Alcohol may be served to adults at adult and family gatherings that are by invitation only. Serving alcohol to minors is prohibited.
I. Renter must furnish all food, dishes, silverware, serving utensils and dishcloths, garbage bags, etc. Table coverings are required.
J. Renter is required to collect and remove all trash, to clean and to leave the Town Hall (including kitchen if used) in the same condition as prior to the event. Any cleaning or repair required by the Town as a result of Renter’s use of the Town Hall will be charged to Renter without limitation.
K. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold the Town harmless for any damage or injury to property or person occurring as a result of renter’s use of the Town Hall under this agreement.
L. The Town Clerk, in consultation with the Town Board, reserves the right to refuse service to any group or individual.
M. If Town Hall is rented for any event where items are brought in, users must be careful that items are not leaned against walls/doors causing damage to paint/drywall/finishes. If requesting additional time to set up event, arrangements must be requested one week prior to event; every effort will be made to accommodate these requests, but no guarantees.

Building Rental Fees

SECURITY DEPOSIT for all rentals (refundable) $150.00

Community Room (includes use of kitchen if needed) $100.00

Community Room $250.00
Kitchen $ 50.00